Branding Packages: The Best Things Come In Packages

If you are going to offer a branding service, you need to offer branding packages. Who doesn't love a package? It's large and there are so many things inside.

Branding is so interesting. There are so many things to consider. It’s like you are given a chance to create your own person. In business, it serves as the fuel or lifeblood. You can only succeed in your business endeavor if you’re going to utilize this medium. This is a marketing strategy which is more than selling products and making money. It’s like a bridge which allows you to connect people to your company. This is the reason why you’re advised to take branding packages from a credible branding firm.

Let's have a more analogical explanation. A person is born with all the facilities in them—in most cases. Then they will be molded by the environment they are in and the people that influence them. A person grows to become who they are based on their surroundings. Sometimes, the influences the person internalizes are beyond their control.

Going back to branding. It is exactly the opposite of the above-cited context, which makes it really great. Imagine having the power to shape an entity exactly the way you want it. The brand will be molded based on your principles and ideas. Of course, as a branding agency, you don’t just create the personality based on what you want. It should be based on what the client wants complemented with your knowledge about the industry.

A lot of the clients are unaware of what they need in business. Most startup entrepreneurs concentrate on getting the actual business operational. The most basic essentials for them might just be the company name, logo and the legalities and technicalities of starting a business. But as they say, the devil is in the details. The details could be the downfall of the business, which is why you should offer branding packages to help entrepreneurs present their best selves for their own clients.

What should be included in the branding packages?

Branding should be a collaboration between the branding firm and the startup. There should be a meeting of the minds. What the client wants should be met with what you think is right. The first part of branding is creating the personality of the business. What are the products and services offered? This is basic. You don’t get to start a business unless you know what products to sell or what services to offer.

Now that you have the merchandise you want, then it would be easy to create a personality. Let’s look at Disney. It’s one of the most popular brands in the world. Disney has a series of amusement parks. It also creates movies. Plus, the brand also has merchandise.

What is the personality of Disney? It’s fun and young! The Disney amusement parks, whether it’s Disneyland, Disney Water Park or Disney World, is a fun place to be. Or actually, it’s the happiest place on earth. It’s the same with the movies. Walt Disney Pictures creates the most fun movies that children and families enjoy.

Branding for its merchandise is the same. They are fun and also meant for children and the young at heart. Fun, happy, children and family—these are the keywords that define the personality of Disney’s brand. That’s the corporate identity.

This is where the corporate identity package comes in. You want the brand identity to be visible in all matters. Whether you are talking about the store, the brochures, or the website, it’s important that there is consistency.


Still on the Disney brand… We mentioned the three major Disney businesses: amusement parks, film production and merchandise. In all three businesses, Disney is written the same way. There are variations though. That’s what you need to consider when you consider your branding packages. Every product should have the client’s personality and look.

Now that you have the corporate identity, it’s time to create the name and the logo. In most cases, the name is the first thing created. Many people would want to put their name in the brand, hence, Disney for Walt Disney. But there are other instances when the name was just something more appropriate for the product. Maybe it doesn’t even have anything to do with the products or services.

Let’s take a look at Apple. When you see that apple with a bite taken off it, you immediately think about high-end and sophisticated technology. When Steve Jobs thought of the name for his computer product with Steve Wozniak, he just came from an apple orchard. Then Jobs decided that apple is a great name because it’s “fun” and “not intimidating.” The bite was used to make it look like an apple and not a cherry.

As a branding firm, you can help your client create the name of the company. When you have the name, you can then create the logo. With Apple, the logo is just easy to create because of the name. Normally, it would be more complicated than that.

One of the things that could breed consistency is the logo. When you see that Apple logo, you already know that the phone is an iPhone, the desktop is the iMac and the laptop is called a MacBook. When you do branding, it’s the goal to eventually reach the level Apple has achieved. That level when people just look at the logo and they immediately know what the brand is.

In branding for startups, you should always consider putting the name of the company as part of the logo. Of course, there will be situations when you just need to either put the symbol of the logo or the name of the logo.

These are all the details of branding packages.

Complete package

You’ve already helped the client with the creation of the brand’s identity, name and logo, now you have to figure out how to put things on specific materials. For example, the store front. How do you put your name on the store? Should you just use the name of the store or do you include the logo? If you just use the name, make sure that your design is consistent. You have to use the same font you use during the original design of the logo. This just needs to be bigger.

Since you are designing for a startup, you might want to keep the color of the font consistent. This way, people will have that in mind. Then you also need to design for business cards. This is definitely included in the brand package. A business card is important in marketing. You want to give business cards to probable clients or people who may know possible clients.

How do you design a business card that is consistent with the branding?

It’s the same with the business-related brochures and other marketing products. There is also a website to think about because of business digitization. You need to be visible online. This is a great way for your business to hit the target audiences. Who are they? They are those people using the Internet daily. They constitute a large population of potential customers.

Furthermore, the personality of the business should also hang over every page of the website. You should know where to put the logo—symbol and company name—on the website. By seeing to it that the logo is utilized in every website internal page, you’re allowing your business to have a great opportunity to excel.

Now, therefore, you have to look for a reliable branding agency which can offer you the needed branding packages. The services you need to have should be geared towards hitting the ultimate goal which is a sustainable level of growth and success.

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